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Clearly define your path to wealth

Astor provides a framework for growing your wealth. Cut through the noise to determine your strategy for saving and investing.
*The  chart uses fake data to depict how functionality works on Astor's app

Finally everything
in one place

A clear picture of your net worth! Astor securely connects your bank and brokerage accounts so you can view your savings, retirement, and personal investing accounts all in one place.

Learn through community

You are 3x more likely to be confident investing when you know what people like you are doing with their money. So, we’ve integrated your community into the wealth building process!

Benchmark your investment strategy to people like you and people you admire to learn, grow, and gain confidence!
*you choose if you want people to see your investment portfolio

We care about your data

Security is our top priority. Astor partners with leaders in financial technology to get best-in-class data. Credentials are never stored and data is always encrypted.

Astor partners with leading firms

Astor uses Plaid, Yodlee, Nasdaq & other leading firms to link your accounts and get market data.


Of Paid Users


of Fintech Companies


and stable

Credentials are not stored

Our brokerage aggregators do not share your brokerage credentials with Astor. The credentials stored on their side are hardware encrypted using FIPS 140-2 level 2 HSM and the keys used for encryption cannot be accessed by anyone, including Yodlee employees.

Secure connection

Astor receives your brokerage holdings and trades from Plaid & Yodlee and encrypts this information using TLS/SSL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will everyone see my investment portfolio?

No, you can choose for personal finance to be personal! When you join Astor, you can choose if you want a public or private profile.

If I choose to share my investments, can everyone see the amount I’ve invested?

No - never! If you are public on Astor, people can only see percent (%) allocations, never invested dollar amounts.

How do you aggregate my brokerage data?

We use Yodlee to consume your brokerage information. Yodlee is a market leader in financial data aggregation with over 30M users worldwide and 20+ years of experience.

Astor does not store or receive your brokerage login information. Yodlee's secure platform is used to log into your brokerage accounts and then Astor receives your holding and transaction data on a daily basis.

Will everyone see my personal portfolio?

No! When you join Astor, you choose if you want to be a creator. If you are a creator, then your followers can see you portfolio.

If you don’t choose to be a creator, then you are the only one who can see your portfolio. When you join a group, your data will only be part of the aggregate metrics.

How much will Astor cost?

There will be a free and premium version of Astor. The cost of the premium version will be announced when we launch.

Everyone on our waitlist will receive a few months of Astor’s premium version free.

If I choose to share my portfolio, can everyone see the amount I’ve invested?

No - never! If you choose to be a creator, people can only see percent (%)  allocations, never dollar amounts. You are the only one who can see your amount invested.

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