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Want to know how your investment strategy compares to your peers?
Astor allows you to share your investment portfolio and see other’s investment portfolios to discover the right investment strategy for your financial goals.

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John Wick
“I’ve never seen the most advanced mobile app for crypto except Astor”
Walt Kowalski
CEO of Muscle Cars LLC.
“My experience with Astor was really great. Awesome support! It was a great pleasure to meet this guys.”
Katie Brandon
Head Coordinator at Apple
“I’ve never seen the most advanced mobile app for crypto except Astor.”
Jason Andrews
Business Analyst at Microsoft

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you aggregate my brokerage data?

We use Yodlee to consume your brokerage information. Yodlee is a market leader in financial data aggregation with over 30M users worldwide and 20+ years of experience.

Astor does not store or receive your brokerage login information. Yodlee's secure platform is used to log into your brokerage accounts and then Astor receives your holding and transaction data on a daily basis.

How do I discover new investment strategies?

You can follow friends or create groups on Astor to learn how your network is investing.

Do I have to share my portfolio information?

No. You can choose to have a private portfolio. With a private portfolio, you can still see how others are investing if they choose to share their portfolio.

When I share my portfolio information, can someone see the amount I’ve invested?

No - never! People can only see percent (%) allocations, never nominal amounts. You are the only one who can see your amount invested.

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